About Us

Founded in 2013, Desembarco is committed to advancing the Spanish wine industry by helping producers build meaningful relationships across borders.

“The wine industry is one filled with passion, culture and stories – from the grape to the table, from the barrels to the homes. This is a people industry, where relationships determine the success achieved.”

– Pablo Agüero, Founder, Desembarco

Our story starts in London in 1997, with our founder Pablo Aguero. A native of Barcelona, with a passion for Spanish wines, he found a niche in the burgeoning website design industry. 


Over the course of the ensuing decade, he developed and launched a highly successful design firm that helped propel Spanish winemaking to the forefront; working with the Spanish Wine Cellar Program for the Trade Commission of Spain.  One of his most memorable projects was a global campaign called “ Drink Ribera, Dink Spain”. 


Pablo’s work created systems that heightened the visibility of Spanish wines by improving data quality and update speeds. Inspired by the success his clients were having, Pablo founded DESEMBARCO in 2013 to provide a groundbreaking and holistic research solution to wineries and importers.  DESEMBARCO is for those looking to build business through the international distribution of Spanish wines, and lack an efficient and reliable research tool for finding suitable potential business partners.


Rooted in world-class design and expert data collection architecture, DESEMBARCO is a revolutionary tool for wineries and importers, created, with love, by a Spanish wine enthusiast.